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Changes to the Public Access rules came into effect on 4th October 2013, as the Bar Standards Board (BSB) announced the appointment of HJT as an authorised provider of the new Public Access training scheme.

Our programme has been developed to offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for barristers looking to kick-start their Public Access practise. Our format is aimed at maximising training benefits but minimising impact on your court time, with a 1 day face to face session of 8hrs followed by a 4hr online course.

We are also able to offer this as in house training.

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Public access is growing exponentially, a process which accelerated when in 2014 Public Access qualified Barristers were enabled to obtain a litigation extension on application. HJT’s  litigation course will assist practitioners to navigate the risks associated with managing and conducting litigation.

Our course is online, so you do not have to take time out of your working date to attend training.

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The fascinating element to this training module was the degree of uncertainty that exists around the edges (especially with tribunal proceedings). There remains apparently different schools of thought and this may leave a barrister in grave regulatory peril. Stacey Widdison was open and honest about this fast-moving and difficult area, and if she could not provide black and white rules as they don’t exist, she provided clear and useful guidance, very well taught.
Andrew Bousfield3 Paper Buildings
Stacey Widdison who conducted the course with us was excellent. Very knowledgeable and approachable. She had a very practicable and friendly approach and she often drew from her own experiences.
Stuart StevensHolborn Chambers
Impressive service, a provider I would trust and to whom I would return.
Kevin Baumber3 Raymond Buildings